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"Bienvenidos a Rometa!" Becoming a massage therapist is one of the most magical moments of my life in Australia. After leaving Colombia, I made the decision to follow my heart and begin my journey of the unknown, I knew my destiny has always been to help people through the aid of touch.

In 2018 ROMETA was born giving me the opportunity to connect with people in a deeper and more meaningful way, making my vision a true reality. 

We are deeply passionate about what we practice here at Rometa and adhere to the philosophy that massage in all its disciplines provides significant benefits for the mind, body, and soul.

Our therapists actively engage with each customer listening and understanding. Our aim is to provide their absolute best to all our clients


Donna Weekes

Enjoyed an amazing massage it was very professional, relaxing and dealt with back soreness due to too much time on the computer. Have slept so well since. Highly recommend.

I absolutely love Tati's work! She takes great care to understand your specific needs, she explains the treatment completely with regular communication throughout. I've visited many remedial massage places and hers is by far the best in terms of cleanliness and ambience. She truly runs a professional business and I can't recommend her enough

Albert Huynh

 professional. As a regular weightlifter, I'm consistently dealing with tightness, and they do a tremendous job in alleviating that pain. Definitely book yourself in!


Tatiana Romero Massage Therapist

 Hi, Tatiana here, but you can call me Tati.

I am the founder and visionary of Rometa. My principal purpose is to help oneself better understand common injuries from sore backs, neck & shoulder pains, torn ligaments, elbow and knee pain, and various types of sporting injuries. I can assist and advise how to improve your physicality and range of motion using various disciplines of remedial massage to address your concerns and help in a happier, healthier you!
I love nothing more than when I am helping my customers getting back on track physically & mentally. Providing a professional environment where they are allowed to relax or re-energize.

I am a fully qualified Remedial Massage Therapist. I have attended the NSW school of Massage Sydney campus. I am a member of the Association of Massage Therapists with a provider number from Medibank, which enables my clients to claim their treatments via private health insurance.

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Pawel here.

I came from Poland to Australia to travel and discover my passion for pain relief through a massage that I learned at the college in Sydney. I have a diploma of remedial massage.

 Year by year I am gaining experience and each day brings me new discoveries in my work. I do sports massage, remedial, relaxation with respect for each client. Each patient is important to me, I can listen and I always try to be helpful in regaining full fitness or in getting rid of a troublesome ailment. I use various techniques individually tailored to each client and all this to help, bring relief after injuries and improve the quality and comfort of everyday life.

Are you a sports freak or amateur or maybe a professional esports player, or maybe you work as a physical worker or spend hours at the computer as an office worker? Jump into ROMETA, I will help you for sure.


Hi! I’m Gwendalynn but would most address me as Gwen or Gwenny. 


Prior to joining Rometa, I have had the pleasure of working with clients from various walks of life in Singapore and New Zealand. My career as a massage therapist started out with a curiosity about nursing sporting injuries that I have sustained as well as my teammates while playing basketball competitively. I have been fortunate to have met many mentors over the last eight years across the allied health industry that taught me about injury management and rehabilitation; encouraging the constant upskill in various soft tissue therapies such as cupping, Graston, gua-sha and Kahuna (massage with Hawaiian origins) techniques. 


I strongly believe in the innate abilities of our bodies to heal, re-organise, and thrive naturally. However, there are moments in our lives that we may experience symptoms such as pain, stiffness, soreness, or limited function due to various physical, mental, and emotional injuries prompting the intervention of a health professional. While my primary focus is to alleviate your symptoms of the musculoskeletal systems, I am a people-first type of person and believe in a patient-centric approach. This means that our sessions are tailored to your honest feedback, collaborative and specific to your needs and wants for that day. You may find yourself leaving our therapeutic space fully refreshed and energised to take on more responsibilities or feeling completely relaxed to unwind for the day. 


Whilst I have obtained professional qualifications in Singapore and New Zealand, I am near completion in being an Australian qualified Remedial Massage and Acupuncturist in 2023. Looking forward to assisting you in your health continuum!

Thank you again, can't wait for my first day at Rometa and to meet the rest of the family. 

Tatiana Romero Sports Massage
Rometa Services Massage

"forming forever friendships & Healthier bodies"

Rometa Sports Massage


90 Minutes Massage session

This is our most popular massage session. when 60 minutes is just not enough.

It's perfect for when you're seeking a little more time to relieve physical tension and capture the true essence of relaxation. you'll walk our feeling a new you!



60 Minutes Massage session

This is specifically designed to remedy injuries for those with an active lifestyle. Specially designed for healing and rehabilitation of your injury, as well as exercises and a treatment plan for ongoing care.

Rometa is the perfect place to escape the daily grind, relax the mind and restore your body to its full potential




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581 Gardners Road, Mascot NSW 2020

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