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ROMETA Covid-19 Policy

Please read our current Covid Policy below, as we constantly update it taking direction from outlining guidelines, compliance and restrictions.


Is Rometa allowed to operate during COVID-19?

Rometa is deemed an essential service; we are OPEN & taking treatment services; click here to book an appointment. 


Actions which we currently undertake include:

1. Ensuring that the service provided is essential at this time for client health care and the safety of our staff,         particularly if customers are dealing with pre-existing conditions.

2. We will keep windows open where possible, adjust the air conditioning to increase airflow and leave doors open post-treatments.

3. Ensure separation of 1.5 metres whilst clients are waiting for treatment

4. The use of hand sanitiser before and after providing the procedure/service, wash hands with soap and water.

5. Clean and disinfect surfaces (and equipment) touched by the patient/ client immediately after the treatment has been provided.

6. We will display a clear sign for /clients to read on entry and/or provide information handouts about how we are going to protect their safety and your own.

6. Plan ways to enable physical distancing of 1.5m to reduce in-person contact.

7. We will keep staff, and clients informed of the actions we are taking.


Rometa's approach to minimising risk:

  • Providing hand sanitiser for you at the front desk & inside the treatment room.

  • Wiping and sanitizing the treatment table, including the hand rests and face rests between each patient.

  • Having clean towels, face papers providing each individual with their own clean environment.

  • Washing and sanitising hands between treatments

  • More frequent cleaning of all other surfaces within the studio, including high traffic areas

  • Mandatory client check-in via SERVICE NSW App

  • If you are uncertain or have any queries, please contact the studio on +61 404 630 926 or email

  • We understand situations arise in which you need to cancel your appointment; therefore we requested that you notify Rometa of intention to cancel providing more than 12 hours notice via the "Fresha" booking service or by contacting us directly on+61 404 630 926

  • Appointments cancelled within 12 hours will not be subject to a cancellation fee due to COVID_19 related issues.

Kindly, Rometa | Tatiana Romero 

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